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Patient Comfort

logomark Other Comfort Measures

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is combined with oxygen in order to produce a calming effect while patients remain conscious. And it’s so gentle that patients can resume normal activities and drive themselves home following dental treatment. When administered correctly, nitrous oxide is a safe, effective way to eliminate dental anxiety. If you’re avoiding the dentist out of fear, nitrous oxide can help you get the dental work you need.


Topical Anesthetics

For patients that are extremely sensitive, Dr. Tobias has a special gel compounded by a U.S. pharmacy which can be placed on the gums prior to cleaning.  This gel numbs the gums without an injection making the cleaning extremely comfortable for even the most sensitive patient.


Ultrasonic Cleanings vs. Hand Scaling

What is your choice?

Tooth cleaning is often accomplished by the non-surgical technique of hand scaling. This is done using small dental instruments which are used to physically removed deposits from the surface of the teeth. At one time, hand scaling was performed entirely with manual tools. But today the ultrasonic scaler has changed all of that.

Ultrasonic scalers allow electromagnetic forces in the unit’s hand-held wand causing its tiny tip to vibrate rapidly. These vibrations, which occur at a rate faster than the speed of sound, effectively blast away plaque, calculus and stains from the tooth surface. A small stream of water which comes out of the tip of the scaler is called Lavage. Lavage is used to cool the ultrasonic scaler’s tip and flush away debris from the area being treated. The vibrating tip causes some of the water to break into millions of tiny bubbles which ruptures the wall of bacterial cells and helps create an environment that is less receptive to harmful bacteria.

Anyone with substantial buildup or tartar or is prone to gum disease can benefit from the ultrasonic scaling. It can also remove tough coffee and cigarette stains.

If you have sensitive teeth you might benefit from using a topical anesthetic.

There are special tips available to clean composite or porcelain tooth restorations and titanium implants.

** If you have a cardiac pacemaker, be sure and let all dental professionals know, so precautions can be taken.

Today many patients choose the ultrasonic scaler to hand scaling but in our office it is always your choice on which method you find most comfortable.