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Oral Surgery

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Our office goal is “Teeth for Life,” however sometimes decay, gum disease and /or trauma has done so much damage that removal of a tooth or teeth is the only option.  In our office, we do perform simple and surgical extractions. After the procedure we will review any post-operative instructions for care as well as prescriptions for any necessary medications. Most importantly you’ll want to take it easy for the next 24 hours after the extraction.

Surgical extractions are needed when teeth are not easily accessible, either because they are not fully erupted or because they have broken beneath the gum line. In cases of wisdom teeth or third molars, our office may even recommend extraction proactively, before active damage has been done. Often the shape and size of your jaw, the way the wisdom teeth develop and how they erupt from the gums make it impossible to keep them without increased future  risk of decay and damage, both to them and your other teeth.