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Getting older doesn’t mean losing teeth, by maintaining healthy habits you can keep your teeth for life.

Today older adults are keeping their natural teeth longer than ever before. A healthy mouth and teeth can not only help you look good but helps you speak clearly and confidently as well as eat a well balanced diet. Since the mouth is the gateway to your body it is essential that you brush and floss daily, visit your dentist regularly and eat nutritious foods.

Here are some quick tips:


Dry Mouth

Dry mouth can occur due to medications which can increase your risk for cavities. Dr. Tobias can make recommendations to help relieve your symptoms and reduce the risk for decay.

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Gum Disease

Gum Disease caused by the bacteria in plaque, can irritates the gums, making them swollen and red. Early intervention is key in order to treat or prevent it entirely. Practicing good oral hygiene habits WILL make a difference throughout your life.

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Mouth Cancer

Mouth cancer – According to the American Cancer Society there are about 35,000 cases of mouth, throat and tongue cancer diagnosed each year. At each oral examination, Dr. Tobias will check for any signs of oral cancer. This is especially important because during the early stages there is rarely any pain associated with it. The average age oral cancer is diagnosed is 62.

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Premedication – If you have an artificial joint or a heart condition be sure and let Dr. Tobias know. These are conditions that are at high risk of infection so an antibiotic is recommended prior to some dental procedures. When in doubt always be sure and ask.


Caregiver for a Loved One

If you have a loved one at home who needs some assistance with their oral hygiene be sure to remind them to brush and floss daily. If need be help them with their oral hygiene. Also make sure they see their dentist regularly.

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